Velonzy is the only way to install Jailbreak apps for the most recent iOS versions including iOS 10 to iOS 11.4.1 versions.
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How Velonzy works

Velonzy is an authorized Apple developer. Apple provides more extraordinary features for Apple developers. Velonzy allows you to register as a virtual Apple developer under Velonzy's developer account.

Velonzy team has modified all most popular Jailbreak apps under the Velonzy Apple developer account. Simply, You can install All of these modified Jailbreak apps to your device.

Also, Apple grants to install upcoming iOS version to their developers. It means You can install iOS 11 or any other upcoming iOS versions before 3-5 moths to others.

Why Velony?

Velonzy is the only solution to install JB apps and upcoming iOS version to ordinary people.

Just copy & paste your UDID code and start to install JB apps or upcoming iOS versions. It only takes 2 minutes.

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The Velonzy team is always testing Jailbreak apps and methods to guarantee your Safety.

It is the only way to install the upcoming iOS versions for ordinary iOS users.

Velonzy supports All the latest iOS versions.